Movin’ on up!


Those of you who follow me on Twitter would probably already know that I have been writing for GamersSphere for some time. You might also know that I have been trying to get my own monetizable blog running for some time. The simple fact, it seems, is that I do not have the time between a busy work schedule and other life commitments (you know, like marriage) to get a site of that nature up and running on my own. Does this mean I will never make anything off my work? It is my sincere hope that I will, but I feel the best course to income, at this point, is to take what I have and contribute it to something that already has a solid foundation.

In this case, I am referring to Gamers Sphere. This crew of skilled and fun people has been kind and accepting of my work and my beliefs. Let’s be honest, most sites would not want too much Crotchety, but I hand it out by the pound. GS has encouraged me to do things my way in the name of diversification simply because they are open-minded and some of them genuinely like my sense of humor. So, to avoid doubling my work and making life harder on myself and my dear wife, I am going to start writing explicitly for GS. Let’s face it, if I don’t move on I really will just end up a crotchety old man with a free blog! I have already started putting up my work on GS, but the big change here is that I will no longer be maintaining this blog space. Thank you to all of my  readers who have been with me since the beginning! You ladies and gentlemen have been great so far, and it is my earnest hope that you will continue to work and game with me over at my new home! I mean, I will still be doing the same thing I always do, just over in a new location! In addition to my regular writing on indie games, I will also be writing about news, AAA titles and mainstream culture. I am already playing through The Evil Within and I will be doing a stream of the game very very soon, if I haven’t done it already! I will be maintaining my Twitter, Facebook page and my Tumblr feed, those places will just start directing you to my work over at GS!

With this move I only expect to better myself as a writer and game critic. Thank you to all who have stayed with me this long and let’s keep gaming! And always remember to Be Crotchety!

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  1. Reblogged this on lifeasagamedev and commented:
    A very good friend is moving on to the bigger market.

    For those of you that follow me you may know Crotchety. He is an old and wise mind in a young body and one hell of a writer. He’s been running his own blog here on wordpress which is what encouraged me to come here as well. He has just announced that he will be leaving the blog though not on a bad note. In an effort to bring in an income he is joining the team over at GamersSphere. I’m glad he has found a home that is open minded and able to welcome a crotchety man like he is.

    I wish you all the best Crotchety and KEEP DREAMING!!!


    • Thanks, Dakota! You know as well as any that I will never stop dreaming, just like you. But just dreaming is never enough, which is why I have to make this move and try to add my voice to those over at the Gamers Sphere because what you can achieve as part of a chorus can be better than what can be achieved as a sole voice among thousands. ; )

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